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About SG360
  SERVICE Group 360 is an Arkansas Owned Commercial Facility Service Company based out of Jonesboro, Arkansas.  Started in 2000, we have grown rapidly to become the premiere service provider in all of Northeast AR and we are continuing to rapidly expand into all of Arkansas. 

Providing the best service at the best price is what we do.  With our very talented team we are able to deliver a great product every day.
  Our Managment Team

Johnny Terrell, CEO
Johnny has over 30 years experience within the industry.  Most of his career was spent with one company where he started as a Branch Manager over Denver Colorado.  He was eventually promoted to Vice President of Operations of the Northeast and Midwest, which consisted of over 240 million dollars of business with over 12,000 employees.  Johnny has vast experience with developing systems and procedures that provide the optimum level of service at the optimum pricing for the client.  His last 3 years in the industry he was the Chief Operations Officer for the largest consulting company in the industry.  He had accounts coast to coast where he provided performance based contracting representing the client and overseeing contractors.  His largest account was Ameritech Telephone Company, in the Midwest, which encompassed over 10,000 locations and had a yearly contract amount of over 24 million dollars.  Johnny left the Corporate Executive world to come home and start his own facility services company in 2000.  The company has had a very progressive and steady growth through a wide variety of industries.

Scott Lemmons, President 
Scott started in the facility service industry while living in Houston, Texas. He was responsible for the local upscale Galleria Shopping Center. From that account he moved to being the Project Manager of Transco Towers which at the time was the tallest suburban high rise in the world. After a few years in operations Scott moved into sales and has been involved with sales since. Scott joined SG360 as part owner and we are very fortunate to have his expertise.

Christy Lemmons, Executive Vice-President 
Christy is part owner of ISS Facility Services along with her father, Johnny Terrell, and her husband, Scott.  They have formed a new corporation, SERVICE Group 360, to keep up with the growth of the service industry in our community.  Christy started with ISS in 2001 and was running the business and financial aspects of the company.  A few years ago she moved into Marketing and Customer Service.  Johnny, Christy and Scott have a wonderful working relationship, built on trust and respect for one anothers strengths.  Christy takes pride in providing our customers with the locally owned customer service they deserve and the highest quality service available.  “We want our customers to like us and trust us enough to let us know what their needs are at any given time.”  ISS strives to build the team relationship with our customers, and Christy has become a key component in that goal.

Mark Farris, VP of Operations 
Mark has 18 years of facility services experience.  He has been on both sides of the equation.  He has been manager of in-house operations, a contractor and has also been a facilities manager.  Mark has extensive experience in the health care industry, managing a 750 bed hospital as Director of Environmental Services.  He brings a wealth of experience in all aspects of the service industry.  Mark is a great example to those who work with him, because of his commitment to doing it right the first time.  He also practices the management approach of MBWA (Management by Walking Around).  Having been a customer and service provider, Mark has an acute understanding of what customers expect and their challenges.

Ernesto Saucedo, NE Arkansas Operations Manager
Ernesto has grown up with ISS.  He started working in high school and has performed every job that we have.  Ernesto has incredible talent relative to getting the job done no matter what.  He is not an excuse maker and if it is to be done we know Ernesto will get it done.  It is through Ernesto’s talents that we have such a stable work force.  He understands that, as a manager, he is responsible for ensuring that the employees have the necessary tools and training and that they understand their expectations.  Ernesto has a great talent for seeing a facility and being able to make a work schedule in a very timely manner.  He knows how to get it clean.

Chris Terrell, NW AR Regional Manager 
Christopher begin his career in 2000 with SERVICE Group 360, then IAT Facility Services, working as a night cleaner while going to school. Over the years, Chrstopher has worked up the ranks of the company. In 2006 he took a job in Washington DC to work for a large Janitorial Company overseeing The Friendship Edison Public School System cleaning contract. He continued to take on and manage different contracts untill 2007 when he and his Father, Johnny Terrell, created IAT Consulting Group. At IAT Consulting Group, he worked clients such as: Merck Pharmaceutical Company (2 Million sqf), Busy Bee Environmental Services (200,000+ sqf), Permanent Solution Industries (Sales Marketing), & Infineum Chemical Company (66,000 Sqf). It was in Washington DC where he began formal development and testing of the current janitorial inspection software known as the IAT Total Quality Control System.  In 2009 He returned to work for SG360 and began expanding SG360's service into Northwest Arkansas.
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